Buy G-fuel Germany (All Information) (2023)

Orders placed on the official G Fuel website may take up to two weeks to arrive in Germany. However, if you like, you can purchase it from Amazon, however, you might not discover every flavor that is available there.

G fuel is a great option if you’re looking for an energy drink to keep you energized and focused. It has a variety of flavors, uses natural ingredients, and is generally safe to eat.

Gamers, athletes, and other individuals in need of an energy boost frequently consume G Fuel. G Fuel has unquestionably ruled the gaming industry. It’s hardly shocking given their unique marketing objectives and strategies.

You’ve probably heard of G Fuel in some capacity if you’re involved with the gaming or sports industries.

However, you should think about reading all of the information about G Fuel energy drinks before making a purchase. You’ll find a ton of information about the G Fuel energy drink as you read down, and you can then decide whether or not you want to buy it.

Read on to learn more.

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Ingredients of Gfuel

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Numerous energy drink recipes contain ingredients including minerals, vitamins, and stimulants. You can determine whether or not an energy drink is healthy and how much of it you may take by looking at its ingredients.

Check out the following list of ingredients for the G Fuel can and powder formula:

GFuel CanG-fuel Powder
CaffeineCaffeine (140 mg)
Sodium GluconateTaurine
Carbonated Water L-Citrulline Malate
Vitamin Blend (Maltodextrin, Vitamin C, Vitamin B6,Vitamin B3,Vitamin B12)Glucuronolactone
Natural and Artificial FlavorsN-Acetyl-L-Carnitine HCl
Potassium Beta-HydroxybutyrateL-Tyrosine
Malic AcidCholine Bitartrate
Potassium CitrateCabbage Palm Berry Powder
Citric AcidPomegranate Fruit Powder
L-TheanineApple Fruit Powder
Acesulfame PotassiumOrange Fruit Powder
Antioxidant Blend (Green Coffee Bean Extract, Turmeric Extract, Tart Cherry,Green Tea Extract,Blueberry, Broccoli, KaleAdenosine-5 Triphosphate Disodium Salt (ATP)
Steviol GlycosidesBlueberry Fruit Powder
Grape Seed Powder
Grapefruit Fruit Powder
Raspberry Fruit Powder
Strawberry Fruit Powder
Watermelon Fruit Powder
Lemon Fruit Powder
Lime Fruit Powder
Melon Fruit Powder
Sour Cherry Fruit Powder
Papaya Fruit Powder
Peach Fruit Powder
Pyrus communis Fruit Powder
Citric Acid
Natural and Artificial Flavors
Pineapple Fruit Powder
Silicon Dioxide
Acesulfame Potassium
Pineapple Fruit Powder
FD&C Blue #1
FD&C Yellow #5

G-fuel Nutritional Fact

Here is the nutritional information of Gfuel:

NutrientsAmount per servingRecommended Daily Amount
Calories25 calories2000-2500
Total Carbohydrates5g300g
Total Fat 0g65g
Vitamin C250mg60mg
Vitamin E15IU30 IU
Vitamin B610mg2mg
Vitamin B12425mcg6µg

Calorie Content

Each serving of the G Fuel formula contains just 25 calories.

A moderate calorie intake won’t harm you, but a high consumption surely will. People frequently consume too many calories from energy drinks, but thankfully G Fuel contains the right number.

There are 25 calories in one serving of the powdered form and none in one serving of the canned form. It’s great that science has already determined the number of calories that are safe to consume.

They recommend maintaining daily caloric intake at 2000 and 2500, respectively, for both males and females.

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Professionals in esports typically lead sedentary to somewhat active lives. You should therefore be careful how many calories you consume since you usually cannot burn them off. G Fuel has very few calories, which, if used excessively, could lead to weight gain.

Caffeine Content

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With each serving of G Fuel, up to 150 mg of caffeine could be present.

Compared to other brands, G Fuel has a comparatively low caffeine concentration.

Caffeine intake for adults should not exceed 400 mg per day; doing so might cause headaches, nausea, insomnia, tremors of the muscles, and other health problems.

Caffeine has many positive health effects, including:

  • Increases your energy level
  • Helps prevent cancer
  • Diabetes avoidance
  • Lowers the chance that depression will develop

I think there’s a lot of caffeine in G Fuel. The dose in the G Fuel can is actually quite near the recommended level. According to the FDA, healthy individuals should limit their daily caffeine intake to 400 mg.

However, take into account the drawbacks of excessive caffeine intake:

  • Headache
  • Anxiety issues with sleeping
  • The heart rate is high.
  • Irritability
  • An increased heart rate
  • Increased thirst and more urination
  • Degeneration of muscle
  • Addiction/Dependency
  • Digestive issues
  • A chest ache

Sugar Content

G Fuel contains no sugar.

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This is one of the elements that go into the affordable price of this recipe. The synthetic sweeteners sucrose and acesulfame potassium increase the sweetness of G Fuel.

Artificial sweeteners including sucralose and acesulfame potassium can now be used in food and beverages, according to the FDA (Food and Drug Authority).

Although the absence of sugar in G Fuel is a good thing, sugar should still be consumed in moderation because it is the body’s main source of glucose.

Men should drink no more than 36 g of sugar daily, according to the AHA (American Health Association), while women should ingest no more than 25 g. As long as you consume no more sugar than is advised, you won’t experience the drawbacks associated with excessive sugar consumption, which include.

  • Headaches.
  • Irritability.
  • Deficiency in focus and weariness.
  • Having apprehension or worry.
  • Feeling lightheaded or shaky
  • Hunger.
  • Bloating.
  • A higher blood pressure level
  • Inflammation.
  • Putting on weight
  • Diabetes and being overweight

To avoid gaining weight and storing fat, sugary beverages were swapped out for calorie-free versions. Drinks with added sugar can make you gain more weight than eating substantial meals because they don’t make you feel full.

Where To Buy G-fuel In Germany?

Following are the sources where you can buy Gfuel in Germany:

1. Official Website

Why look somewhere else but the company that makes the products you love? On the corporate website, you can get all of the G Fuel formulas and products to lift your spirits.

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A wide range of supplies is available from G Fuel, including starter kits, Energy Formulas, Hydration Formulas, and any additional items you might require. Backpacks, t-shirts, caps, and shaker cups are available.

Every single flavor is available and attainable. You are the first person to experience novel flavors. There are coupons available for use. (If you’re buying something directly from the website, use this option; there are some incredible offers available.)

2. Shipping

They send to the US, Canada, the UK, and practically all other countries, with the exception of Guatemala, Iceland, Jamaica, Mexico, and South Africa, which are currently not receiving G Fuel supplies.

3. Payment Method

G Fuel offers the following payment options through the following procedures.

  • Visa, Mastercard, Google Pay, American Express Online, and Discover

You might be curious about how to save money on G Fuel. G Fuel occasionally offered a range of delivery codes for free shipping and discount coupons. The supplied codes can only be used once if there isn’t another limitation.

Order on Amazon

To place an order on the Amazon website, take the following steps:

  • Visit Amazon G Fuel for more information. Make sure you are signed in.
  • Simply click the Add to Basket button to add a product to your shopping cart.
  • Click the shopping basket button in the top left corner of your screen when you are finished shopping.
  • Think about your options before clicking the Proceed to checkout button.
  • Click Continue after entering your shipping address.
  • As soon as you’ve selected your preferred payment method, click the Continue button.
  • To complete, click the Order button.
  • Shipping and Payment Options

G-fuel Price

G Fuel powder costs approximately €0.93 per serving, or €37.30 for the entire tub.

Basically, G Fuel costs may differ from store to store. For instance, Amazon charges much less than other retailers do for a tub of G Fuel: €27.94.

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Remember that the tax and shipping are, in my opinion, both fairly high.


  • G Fuel has undeniably dominated the gaming industry. Given their distinctive marketing strategies and methodologies, this is hardly surprising.
  • G Fuel works well at giving you an energy boost so you can resume working or make quick decisions.
  • Even though some G Fuel products aren’t available in Germany, you can still order items to be delivered to your chosen area through the websites of G Fuel and Amazon.
  • G Fuel powder costs approximately €0.93 per serving, or €37.30 for the entire tub.

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Is G FUEL allowed in Germany? ›

GFUEL Germany

Now all of you Germans can find a mix of all the popular Gfuel flavors at There's no toll-fee when you order to Germany. Make sure to visit our site at by clicking on the button below and scroll through all the different flavors you can find.

How do I enter a discount code on G FUEL? ›

G Fuel offers various Coupon Codes for product discounts and Free Shipping Codes from time to time. To use your Discount Code, after adding the items you wish to purchase to your shopping cart, enter the discount code in the "Discount" field and hit apply.

Who manufactures G FUEL? ›

G Fuel (stylized in all uppercase as G FUEL), is a brand of caffeinated drink mix sold by Gamma Labs, based in West Babylon, New York.

Why do gamers drink G FUEL? ›

The reason has to do with marketing. G Fuel is a powdered energy drink that, unlike many others, has no sugar, all natural ingredients, but also has what it bills as an energy complex, promoting a kind of focus for video games.

Do German cars really need premium gas? ›

German automobiles will need 91 octane and lower levels will not be satisfactory. These cars are specifically structured for the use of high-octane gasoline. The reason is better performance. Horsepower is a primary feature of the German brand, whether it is a Mercedes or an Audi.

How do you pump gas in Germany? ›

Pay at the pump is still rare in Germany, though. Instead, pump first, note the pump number, then go inside to pay. If you plan to use a credit card, you may want to go inside first and ask if they accept it before filling up, although it's pretty rare to find a station nowadays that doesn't take cards.

How do I claim a coupon code? ›

Redeem A Coupon In Store

When you visit a merchant, you can redeem your coupon by providing the cashier with your coupon code at checkout. When you redeem a coupon, your card statement may initially show a pending charge for the full transaction amount.

How do I get my promo codes? ›

Basic strategies for finding coupon codes
  1. Google search. The most basic way to find discount codes is to run a quick Google search. ...
  2. Coupon toolbars & extensions. ...
  3. Coupon websites. ...
  4. Store's own coupon page. ...
  5. Newsletter signup. ...
  6. Live chat. ...
  7. Abandon your shopping cart. ...
  8. Slickdeals.
Dec 12, 2022

Who has a 30% GFuel code? ›

Code JEV is 30% off via @Akahri76!

Does G FUEL ship to Europe? ›

You can buy any product from Gfuel, or any other US-based store for that matter, and have it shipped to your US-based address. Once they receive your online order, they'll forward it on to Europe. To save on fees, they'll even make one large package out of multiple orders before shipping it to you in Europe.

Can you get e85 in Germany? ›

There are currently 336 filling stations in Germany supplying e85 or e100 ethanol.

Can I get G FUEL in the UK? ›

After taking the gaming and esports market by storm with their performance-boosting products, GFUEL's Energy Formula has finally landed in the UK.

What octane gas does Germany have? ›

The good news is that at its most basic level, regular gas is regular gas, and 91 RON in Germany is equivalent to 87 AKI in the United States. Premium is the same, and while premium gasoline is often called “super” by some retailers, 95 RON in Germany is equivalent to 91 AKI in the USA and Canada.


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