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San Antonio TX Real Estate Market

From high-rise apartments downtown to a long established suburbia, there’s a diverse but limited amount of options in the San Antonio real estate market. As such a desirable city, San Antonio real estate is currently experiencing a substantial imbalance in housing supply and demand. With that said, real estate in San Antonio are few and far between these days, so we recommend the help of a local agent to ensure that you are able to snag the home of your dreams.

Despite its large population and its vital position in the Texas Triangle, real estate in San Antonio is pretty affordable in comparison to other cities of its size. Homes for sale in San Antonio can be had for as little as $150,000, while the median listed price is $350,000 for a single-family home. The median listed price for a townhouse or condo for sale in San Antonio is $218,000. As per the trend started in 2020, housing prices are on the rise and are up 22% year-over-year.

Distance to Other Cities

74 miles - Austin, TX

130 miles - Corpus Christi, TX

146 miles - Laredo, TX

147 miles - Nuevo Laredo, Mexico

Neighborhoods In San Antonio TX

There are 11 distinct neighborhoods in San Antonio real estate, and each has something unique to offer. The best San Antonio neighborhood for you will depend on what you’re looking for in a new home, so here is a brief overview of a couple of the most popular ones:

Alamo Heights

North of downtown, Alamo Heights features mature, tree-lined streets and quaint cottages for sale. This peaceful neighborhood is situated along the Broadway Cultural Corridor, which means you don’t have to go far to have a day packed with interesting things to do. Popular with families, life in the Heights offers an even mix of serenity and convenience.

Downtown / River Walk

Between the Alamo, Historic Market Square, and the San Fernando Cathedral, all of San Antonio’s coolest spots are right here in the Downtown neighborhood. Best for young professionals and those who love to live in the heart of the action, Downtown / Riverwalk offers condos, townhomes, and narrow multi-story homes for sale. Those who live Downtown have the utmost convenience of public transportation, amenities, and services.

King William / Southtown the Arts District

If you love the trendy cafes and quirky shops that large cities have to offer, the Arts District could be a great place for you to set roots. This artistic neighborhood lies south of Downtown and holds locally-owned businesses, galleries, and nightlife. Within a small section of the Arts District, the historic King William neighborhood offers charming Victorian homes that were built in the mid-1800s.

Monte Vista / Alta Vista / Olmos Park

The largest historic district in the United States, Monte Vista intentionally mixes historic charm with new-age services and amenities. Residents love to keep the neighborhood fresh by reinventing certain corners and scattering artistic flair at every turn. This neighborhood has some of the most unique architectural styles and some of the coolest locally-owned businesses in San Antonio.

Eastside / Sunset Station / Dignowity

San Antonio’s Eastside provides diversity in both its residents and amenities, with St. Paul Square’s vibrant entertainment district at the center. Dignowity Hill is where you’ll find most of the residential real estate, with a number of suburbs being revitalized and restored. Eastside offers an exciting mix of old and new for residents to enjoy.

Schools In San Antonio TX

San Antonio has a long list of high schools, both public and private, all of which have intense football rivalries that guarantee an infinite supply of Friday night entertainment. With a population of over 1.5 million - and a sizable chunk of that population under the age of 18 - it’s clear to many that San Antonio is a great place to raise children.

In addition to K-12 options, San Antonio hosts several major private colleges, as well as a campus of the University of Texas.

FAQ About San Antonio TX Real Estate

What are the zip codes in San Antonio, Texas?

Here are some of the neighborhoods and zip codes that make up San Antonio, TX:

78215: Westfort

78202: Eastside

78208: Government Hill

78245: Lackland Air Force Base

78222: Pecan Valley

What county is San Antonio, Texas in?

San Antonio is situated in Bexar County.

What is the median household income in San Antonio, Texas?

The median income per household in San Antonio is $53,420.

How far is Houston from San Antonio, Texas?

Houston is a 3 hour and 19 minute (197 mile) drive from the heart of San Antonio.

How far is Austin from San Antonio, Texas?

Austin is a 1 hour and 30 minute (79 mile) drive from San Antonio.

Things To Do In San Antonio TX

We trust you to make your way to the Alamo without our prompting, so instead, we’ll focus on a few places in San Antonio you might not be aware of otherwise. You’ll find that there are plenty of things to do again and again throughout the year, so get out there and have some fun!

  • Explore the San Antonio RiverWalk- Most people don’t think of water when they hear the word Texas, and when looking at San Antonio on a map, the last thing you would expect is a city famous for its rivers. San Antonio defies these expectations with its River Walk. Conceived of in the early 20th century, the river walk turns San Antonio into a Venetian-style wonderland of riverside shops, restaurants, and cafes. Slender footbridges criss-cross the river while boats ferry passengers up and downstream under the cool shade provided by the neighboring buildings making the River Walk feel like a canyon. We guarantee you’ll be making monthly visits to this prime attraction of the city.
  • Spend the day at Six Flags Fiesta Texas & Hurricane Harbor- There’s really no better place to go cool off than Six Flags Fiesta on a summer day on the hot South Texas Plains. With thrillings rides and water slides guaranteed to soak you to the bone, Six Flags Fiesta will satisfy your inner child and keep you coming back all summer long. And if you’re looking to get spooky, head over in the Fall and scare yourself with their Fright Fest!
  • McNay Art Museum- A little more relaxed and low-key than Six Flags, the McNay Art Museum is nevertheless a fun place to visit several times throughout the year. The first modern art museum in Texas, the McNay houses an impressive collection of mid-to-late century artwork from contemporary American and European artists, as well as several classic pieces by Monet and El Greco.
  • Go up in the Tower of the Americas- Much like the Seattle Space Needle and Toronto’s CN Tower, San Antonio’s Tower of the Americas is an iconic pillar rising out of the skyline. Head up to the top for a bite to eat in the tower’s restaurant, take in some spectacular views from the observation deck, and grab a show from its 4D theater. This is a great place to take guests visiting the city for the first time and perfect for getting a bird’s eye view of San Antonio.
  • Visit Sea World Theme Park- Again, Texas and water don’t seem to add up in the imagination of many who don’t hail from the Lone Star State. Despite this reputation, Sea World is a treasured attraction for many San Antonians who wish to enjoy the beauty of undersea life without making the three-hour drive down to the coast. Sea World offers roller coaster rides, seal shows, and interactive experiences with friendly dolphins!
  • Catch a show at the Majestic Theater- When it comes to this theater, it’s all in the name. The beautifully designed Majestic Theater was built back in 1929 and can house an audience of over 2,000 people. San Antonians flock here to catch off-broadway musicals like the Lion King, famous comedians like Tim Allen, and world-class musicians such as Joe Bonamassa.
  • Visit Morgan’s Wonderland- This is a truly heartwarming amusement park. Designed for children with disabilities, the entire park is wheelchair accessible and full of fun things to do. From carousels and ferris wheels, to water parks and even a stocked pond perfect for fishing, this a great place to take your child to have fun as seamlessly as possible. This place has a lot of heart, and San Antonians are truly lucky to have a park like this!
  • Visit the San Antonio Botanical Garden- Come to the botanical gardens for shade in the summer and some green comfort in the coldest months of winter. These botanical gardens host a wide variety of plants from all over the world. Take a stroll through dense tropical foliage, a well-manicured Japanese garden, and even exhibits of common farm fare.
  • See a band at Francis Bogside- Located in San Antonio’s Southtown, Francis Bogside is a modern Irish pub with a well-earned reputation as a premier spot for great food and live music. Come for the cold beers on draft, the expertly mixed cocktails, and some delicious food. With great live music almost a given, Francis Bogside is the perfect place for a date or a night out with friends after a long week of work.
  • Visit the Briscoe Western Art Museum- If you’re a fan of the history and culture of the Old West, you’ve moved to the right city. San Antonio calls back to its roots with this art museum full of artifacts and exhibits of a time not-so-long-gone. Take a gander at perfectly preserved stage coaches, masterfully woven Apache baskets, and sculptures that tell a compelling story that every Texan can relate to.

Living In San Antonio TX

Economy in San Antonio, TX

San Antonio is a military town; with one fort, three air force bases, and two camps, the defense industry employs tens of thousands of San Antonians. Consequently, many of the locals are either active-duty or ex-military, so expect to see a lot of high-and-tights when you’re walking around. Besides the military, H-E-B Grocery employs plenty of people, as well as Wells Fargo. Call centers and customer service are growing industries in San Antonio, perhaps best represented by the Harland Clarke company.

Medical Access in San Antonio

San Antonio is home to the 16th-best hospital in Texas, the Methodist Hospital - San Antonio. Methodist Hospital is top-ranked across the state for cancer care, cardiac services, and surgical care, but offers a plethora of other helpful services. In addition, Baptist Medical Center and University Hospital - San Antonio are two more highly-ranked medical facilities that residents can depend on.

Transportation In San Antonio TX

We’ll be honest, traffic in San Antonio is notorious. Though commute times are still below average when compared to other large Texas cities, residents complain of delays and perpetual roadwork. We recommend living as close to your job as possible, and if you work from home, traffic might not be as big of an issue. San Antonio has two major interstates crossing it. I-10 comes in east-to-west and connects San Antonio to Houston. I-35 goes north-to-south and connects to Austin and Dallas-Fort Worth.

San Antonio provides its citizens with a massive bus system called VIA Metropolitan Transit, with five hundred buses and over one hundred routes. Keep an eye on homes for sale near bus stations if you plan on taking advantage of the bus system, since some homes are more accessible to stations than others. San Antonio International Airport offers domestic and international flights, making long-distance travel a breeze.

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